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ACID 是一個具有當代色彩的法國設計師品牌眼鏡。由 PARASITE 品牌創始人 Hugo Martin 創立,ACID 是藝術和超現實主義創造及設計以成。色彩繽紛的 ACID 框架使用了獨特結構和材料,令人有一種親切、愉快的感覺。喜歡彰顯用家個性、希望用家幸福綻放的 ACID,主要以顏色豐富、濃烈、和精緻的材料作爲原創及創新的設計方向。法國設計及製造的 “ACID Premium” 系列由經驗豐富的工匠以專業非凡的技能,塑造了出產地應有的品質和傳統。 創新的設計和製造成爲了新時代創造力和質量的保證。 圖形、顏色、以及材料,樣樣精通。新寶公司是 ACID 法國藝術主題品牌眼鏡的香港及部分東南亞城市的授權經銷商,詳情請致電給我們查詢。

ACID is a designer collection, contemporary colorful graphic. Created by Hugo Martin, Parasite founder, the brand is a territory of expression for art and surrealist design creativity. ACID frames play with structure, colors and materials. They are designed to be pleasant and easy to wear with contemporary and adapted materials. ACID frames are imagined to highlight personalities, it’s all about well-being and blooming. The combinations and the sense of colors and materials are a major asset of the collection. The colors are rich, intense and refined, and the combinations of materials are innovatives and originals. The “ACID Premium” collection is made in France, by experienced craftsmen with extraordinary know-how. The products reflect both quality and tradition, and offer fresh air to French eyewear. Innovative manufacturing. Design, creativity and quality. Graphics, colors, materials, savoir-faire. Sun Po Trading Co. is the Authorized Distributor of ACID Eyewear in Hong Kong and some other cities in Asia Pacific. Feel free to Contact Us for more information.

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ACID (新品)


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11 Jun 2024

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於 1991 年創立, 新寶公司是設立在香港的亞太區眼鏡經銷商和批發商。

Founded in 1991, Sun Po Trading Co. is a Hong Kong based eyewear sole distributor and wholesaler for Asia Pacific.

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