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First Modular Frame for Kids

Colorful, Customizable, and FDA-approved

Since 2003, BUZ brand was founded by Joint Project S.r.l in Italy. It was the first ‘modular’ frame for kids in the market to meet various demands for sizes and colors. This products provided a very innovative concept for eye shapes by deforming 3 rims to 14 shapes. By combining 12 colors for 10 different parts, millions of combination became possible. Compared to typical kids frame that follows the same structure only in smaller sizes, this creative products became popular in many countries. It was introduced to Korea by Luneti Inc. in 2004.

Since Italian producer closed the company during the financial crisis in 2009, this product has been reinvented by Luneti’s patented technologies and distributed worldwide. Having followed the original concept of modular frame, Luneti has developed a new snap-fit structure to remove all the screws of the 1st generation BUZ that used to make some maintenance problems. It also provided an option to choose grooves of the rim, either bevel or rimlon. With this innovative features, BUZ 2.0 was awarded Grand Prix, Eyewear of the Year in kids category at IOFT (Int’l Optical Fair Tokyo) 2011.

To fully cover the wishes from many countries, the third generation of BUZ was developed and launched at SILMO 2012 Paris optical fair. The whole structure has been completely redesigned with more advanced snap-fit structure and with 9 individual rim modules. With this innovation, BUZ smart features over 260 SKU(Stock Keep Unit) that enables over 2 million combinations. Not only for product, it also provides various software contents such as mobile app for virtual try-on and e-catalogue. BUZ smart is a complete solution for kids with the smartest features ever, and selling as a high-end kids frame in Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, USA, Italy and France.

BUZ Smart is safe (no metal parts), BPA-free, nonallergenic, anti-bacterial, ultra-light (3.3g), and bridge in two sizes (18 mm & 20 mm).

Designed for Kids Eyewear

Ultra-light, safe, BPA-free


新寶公司是 BUZ Smart 童裝眼鏡品牌的香港及部分東南亞城市的授權經銷商,詳情請 致電給我們 查詢。


Sun Po Trading Co. is the Authorized Distributor of BUZ Smart Eyewear in Hong Kong and some other cities in Southeast Asia.


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