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字典:一個維持文件的金屬架。專注其彈性和靈活的特點。開發嶄新的鉸鏈系統,擁有夾子功能。將其應用於眼鏡框架中製作無螺絲眼鏡。進行了各種變形測試以發展夾緊式鉸鏈結構。鋼筆彈簧功能- 無螺絲,不易斷裂。找到了一種完美的方式將夾子固定在眼鏡框架中。只有5克,超輕。無螺絲,不鬆動鉸鏈。鈦合金框架 - 提供豐富多彩的顏色選擇。

Dictionary: A metal frame holding papers. Focus on its elastic and flexible feature. Developed brand-new hinge system, clip-functional. Applied it to a glasses frame to make screwless eyeglasses. Done various transformation test to develop clip-hinge structure. Wire-spring function - No screws, No breakage. Found a perfect way of fixing clip in the glasses frame. 5g only, ultra light-weight. Screwless, un-loosening hinge. Titanium wire temples - Available in splendid color variation.

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08 Jul 2023

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於 1991 年創立, 新寶公司是設立在香港的亞太區眼鏡經銷商和批發商。

Founded in 1991, Sun Po Trading Co. is a Hong Kong based eyewear sole distributor and wholesaler for Southeast Asia.

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