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A Brave Little Bird, Entirely Made in Italy

品牌原自一隻敢於嘗試的小鳥 全意大利製造


LIGHTBIRD 是一個創新,簡約,獨特和色彩豐富的眼鏡品牌,全由意大利製造,其眼鏡設計師已經擁有三十年的工藝創作經驗。LIGHTBIRD 眼鏡以一隻內心充滿激情和勇敢的小鳥,作為品牌代表,飛過每一個障礙。LIGHTBIRD 眼鏡出生於完美棲息地 『Belluno 省多洛米蒂山脈』,當地自然與美麗的手工傳統與 LIGHTBIRD 眼鏡相相結合,聯繫世界。生活需要快樂和激情,LIGHTBIRD 也是。就是這樣:LIGHTBIRD 的專業團隊,每天都致力於聆聽用家意見,試圖將似乎無法克服的障礙,以堅韌的心,把它們一一打破,創造出簡約和優雅的眼鏡設計。完全由意大利製造的 Light_MATTER 是一種創新的輕形眼鏡物料,由高科技醋酸纖維素結合鋁而成。通過使用航空專用的粘合劑,這兩種材料成為單一的實體,然後以傳統手工方式精確製造。 Light_MATTER 系列使用陽極氧化工藝,令眼鏡不含塗漆。除了使金屬更著色之外,陽極氧化工藝還有助於穩固眼鏡和物料保護。新寶公司是 LIGHTBIRD 歐洲高科技混合眼鏡品牌的香港及部分東南亞城市授權經銷商,詳情請致電給我們查詢。

LIGHTBIRD is the brand that passionately combines simplicity, innovation, colour and exclusivity in a product which is entirely made in Italy. LIGHTBIRD is passion and heart, as represented by the logo itself: a brave little bird who with its long legs is able to fly over every obstacle. LIGHTBIRD is a project born in the Dolomites in the province of Belluno, where it has found its perfect habitat: nature's beauty and spontaneity is combined with the long-established artisanal tradition that links the territory to the world leadership in the eyewear sector. LIGHTBIRD is completely and enthusiastically Made in Italy. The workmanship and finishing of our products prove the thirty years of experience of the workers involved in their creation. Humans live on passions, they want to be happy and this urge naturally and inevitably causes them to grow. LIGHTBIRD means just that: the allegory of the one who, with passion and tenacity, manages to overcome obstacles that seem insuperable. That is why we tried to combine this feeling with our daily world, the eyewear sector. We wanted to create something new and different, that could surprise with the elegance of simplicity. A team of professionals motivated by the same principles work every day with dedication to the realization of a project that aims to combine the core of human expression to the design and manufacture of the product. Light_MATTER is an entirely Made in Italy lightweight and innovative composite material, born from the union of hi-tech aluminium and cellulose acetate. By means of adhesives used in aerospace, the two materials become a single entity which is then accurately manufactured in a traditional and artisanal way. The Light_MATTER collection is also characterized by the absence of painted parts thanks to an anodizing process that, in addition to coloring the metal, contributes to the hardening and protection over time. A simple gesture is enough to access the Lightbird world through Light_NEST: simply scan the metal tag on the frame's temple tip. This allows anyone in the supply chain to access information about the life of their frame. Sun Po Trading Co. is the Authorized Distributor of LIGHTBIRD Eyewear in Hong Kong and some other cities in Southeast Asia. Feel free to Contact Us for more information.

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A Brave Little Bird, Entirely Made in Italy

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08 Jul 2023

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Founded in 1991, Sun Po Trading Co. is a Hong Kong based eyewear sole distributor and wholesaler for Southeast Asia.

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