Extreme OEM 2019 強勢回歸

Our First OEM Brand Is Back.

Published on Mar 26, 2019

Extreme OEM 2019 強勢回歸!過去 28 年,新寶公司致力推出時尚新產品,帶動眼鏡市場。由創立第一天至今天,新寶公司已發展成爲亞太區眼鏡分銷商及批發商,並繼續發展無限可能!今年 2019,新寶公司希望重新設計自家品牌產品 EXTREME,為配合市場需要。新產品即將在香港各大門市有售,詳情請向我們查詢。






Extreme OEM 2019, our first brand, is back. Over 28 years, Sun Po Eyewear has grown a lot. From the first day we sell our products to local retailers then to Asia regional retailers, we  maintain our spirit for the future possibilities. This year, 2019, we want to bring back our first product, EXTREME, with some new designs. In the following weeks, the new EXTREME 2019 will be available to the retailer in Hong Kong. Stay tuned!


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