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“PEAK MOUNTAIN”的字面意思是“山峰”。這個品牌旨在創造最適合戶外使用的眼鏡。是熱愛大自然和享受戶外活動的眼鏡戴者必看的物品。目標客群廣泛,是一個不限男女的品牌,主要為20歲至50歲的男性設計。此外,品牌標誌是一個產品特徵標誌,可以增添時尚感,適用於各種場景,如山脈、河流、海洋和城鎮。 “P”和“M”藏在形狀中,想像成一個山脈。下面的交叉部分是眼鏡鏡框的形狀。它佩戴舒適、堅韌耐用,適用於各種場合。此外,它還是使用環保材料製造,讓戶外生活更加充實。

"PEAK MOUNTAIN" literally translates to "peak". A brand that aims to create the best glasses for the outdoors. A must-see item for glasses wearers who love nature and enjoy the outdoors. The target demographic is wide, and it is unisex, mainly for men in their 20s to 50s. In addition, the brand logo is a product feature logo that adds his fashion sense to suit any scene, such as mountains, rivers, seas, and towns . "P" and "M" are hidden in the form that imagines a mountain range. The cross part below is the shape of the temple of glasses. It is comfortable to wear, tough, and suitable for a wide range of occasions. In addition, it is manufactured with environmentally friendly materials, making it a more fulfilling outdoor life.

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Peak Mountain

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08 Jul 2023

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