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Comfort, Communication, and Fun

Highly Advertised on Radio and Fashion Magazines

Founded in 2004, SEESUN is a famous eyewear corporation in South Korea. The name, “SEESUN”, came from the words used in Korean phonetic system: “See (시 / 視)” and “Sun (선 / 線)”. These two words means “Vision” and “Sight”. SEESUN wants its name to imply what it sells and hopes its name can be easily remembered globally.

SEESUN is designed with the cooperation of professional designers from Korea, Italy and Japan teamed with experienced technicians. SEESUN’s frames and sunglasses can be found at famous optical shops throughout the nation and the recognition of brand is growing through advertisements on radio and fashion magazines.

SEESUN believes that "Comfort, Communication, Fun" are the three core values to success. It is aiming at growing up to the best brand especially in the Asian market with products particularly designed and developed for a perfect fit of oriental people. Its mission is to be the first Asian eyewear company that has sales networks over 50 countries by 2020.

Just like what SEESUN believes in,

SEESUN creates comfortable wearing sensation and unique style by its trend-making eyewear for various customers.

Trend-Making Eyewear

with Comfortable Wearing Sensation


新寶公司是 SEESUN 童裝眼鏡品牌的香港及部分東南亞城市的授權經銷商,詳情請 致電給我們 查詢。


Sun Po Trading Co. is the Authorized Distributor of SEESUN Eyewear in Hong Kong and some other cities in Southeast Asia.


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