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Eyewear embodying ambivalent values



創造與毀滅。未來與過去。和諧與紛爭。這正是代表著矛盾價值的眼鏡。設計師 “青山嘉道” 生於日本福井市福井縣,於1972年。在福井當地一家漆器製造商工作後,於1999年加入家族企業「青山眼鏡」。加入公司後,他在鯖江市贊助的設計課程SSID學習設計。於2001年,他開始設計青山眼鏡自家品牌FACTORY900。他參與了品牌運營的各個方面。於2023年,他開始了自己的品牌"青山嘉道"。新寶公司是 YOSHINIORI AOYAMA 日本設計師眼鏡的香港授權經銷商,詳情請致電給我們查詢。

Creation and Destruction. Future and Past. Harmony and Discord. Eyewear embodying ambivalent values. Designer, YOSHINORI AOYAMA, Born in Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan, in 1972. After working in sales at a local lacquerware manufacturer in Fukui, he joined Aoyama Optical, his family business, in 1999. After joining the company, he studied design at the design course SSID sponsored by Sabae City. In 2001, he started designing Aoyama Optical's own brand FACTORY900. He has been involved in all aspects of running the brand. In 2023, he started his own brand YOSHINORI AOYAMA. Sun Po Trading Co. is the Authorized Distributor of YOSHINORI AOYAMA Eyewear in Hong Kong. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Concept Ambivalence

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11 Jun 2024

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於 1991 年創立, 新寶公司是設立在香港的亞太區眼鏡經銷商和批發商。

Founded in 1991, Sun Po Trading Co. is a Hong Kong based eyewear sole distributor and wholesaler for Asia Pacific.

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