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Hitched the Feeling of Tailor into the Eyewear

"Something Deep but Simple"


新寶公司是 Tailor Hitch 眼鏡的香港及部分東南亞城市的授權經銷商,詳情請 致電給我們 查詢。

Peter Morisaki, one of the most famous Fukui County’s eyewear designers, believes that Tailor Hitch is his utopia to improve his own deficiencies in eyewear planning and designing. Hovering both happy and painful mood during his designing process, he promised to bring the most beautiful and comfortable eyewear across the globe under the brand, Tailor Hitch. Tailor Hitch believes that the stereotypical structure of glasses in design always shows only limited creativity. The best fashion items, glasses were considered to have remained stationary before Tailor Hitch know them as losing their freshness in mannerisms. Tailor Hitch took the basic position on contemplating after taking a step backward from the eyewear industry when it plans its brand. The sensitiveness and sincerity of making clothes by tailor look like craftsman producing eyewear in Fukui. The dynamic image of cutting and attaching fabrics by tailor is recreated into eyewear. Tailor Hitch has introduced not only abstract idea but also actual part of the process and act of tailoring into eyewear. Each piece of color sheet that has been cut express free individuality in design and has overall design balance at the same time. Sun Po Trading Co. is the Authorized Distributor of Tailor Hitch Eyewear in Hong Kong and some other cities in Southeast Asia. Feel free to Contact Us for more information.

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Tailor Hitch

Hitched the Feeling of Tailor into the Eyewear

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08 Jul 2023

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於 1991 年創立, 新寶公司是設立在香港的亞太區眼鏡經銷商和批發商。

Founded in 1991, Sun Po Trading Co. is a Hong Kong based eyewear sole distributor and wholesaler for Southeast Asia.

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